Students U2 Lesson 2

Digital Skills

Digital skills are the “roots” of our digital tree. In other words, they act as the basis for the development of language learning awareness, social and collaborative engagement and self-assessment skills when learning online.  

We use the methaphor of the gearwheel  to explain how digital competences can work effectively in online learning. The hotspots in the gearwheel describes the levels of digital proficiency, from  A1 (basic) to  C1 (highly proficient).

Bearing in mind that as an online a student, you will need to assume a far more active role than in a face-to-face environment, the gearwheel will help you to identify your initial level of digital competence and walk you through the next levels so that you too can become a proficient digital learner.

The gearwheel, which represents your digital skillsis made up of two wheels that you always need to put “in motion” while learning online: digital resources and digital technologies. As a matter of fact, your learning success depends on your ability to use digital resources strategically for your language purposes and also on your ability to communicate effectively with your peers and teachers. The two wheels are interconnected: one activates the other in a circular movement. If the gearwheel moves smoothly, so that your understanding and use of both digital resources and technologies progress side by side, you will soon be able to employ digital skills effectively in your online learning.

Click/tap on the interactive elements to explore the two wheels and discover the steps to use digital resources purposefully and to embrace digital technologies in online language learning.