Students U5 Lesson 4 – Teacher’s Feedback

Teacher's Feedback Matters!

Many students tend to ignore teachers’ feedback because they are only interested in the overall result. However, to effectively monitor your progress in all the four language components, you should always read and reflect on your teacher’s feedback, which is meant to help you improve in those areas or topics in which you are struggling the most. Always take note of your mistakes/inaccuracies and try to understand WHY you made them. This is the key to learning from your mistakes! 

Receiving POSITIVE feedback: great, keep up the good work!

Receiving NEGATIVE feedback: feedback is meant to be clear, honest and constructive. It is not criticism of you as a person. Keep calm and roll up your sleeves! Reflect on the feedback received, decide how you can rectify the situation, ask for/seek further guidance and learn from your mistakes.