Teachers U1 Lesson 2

Learning Theories & Methodologies applied to Online Teaching

This lesson introduces the main learning theories that underpin pedagogical practices in the classroom, with particular reference to online learning. 

The concept of learning has evolved considerably over the years, in line with developments in psychology, cognitive psychology, pedagogy and, more specifically, applied linguistics. Whilst an exhaustive discussion on pedagogical theories is not within the scope of this module, an overview of the evolution of the main recent theories can be useful to develop a better understanding of the considerable changes to teaching-learning approaches, the role of the learner, the function of the teacher and the delivery of content.

Constructivism emphasises the importance of experiental learning, In online environments, experience is a key concept when developing online activities. 

Students play a very active role in e-learning and their experience, as well as their ability to share it, is important for the success of the course and the development of experiental learning. 

There are three main characteristics of online learning that you should bear in mind when organising content or designing entire modules. Online learning should be: