Students U5 Lesson 2

Good Attitude in Online Learning

Image adapted from Pixabay, SZier


The following questions should help you understand if yours is “a good attitude while learning” and also give you some clues on how to develop one. Take 2 or 3 minutes to think about them. 

1) How long do you stay focused for when attending an online class? 

2) Are you an active or passive learner?  → do you actively take part in the class answering your teacher’s questions, asking questions yourself if something is not clear to you or encouraging your peers to engage as well?

3) How do you behave when you are struggling to understand a concept or a grammar rule? 

4) Do you try to solve a problem on your own or are you brave enough to ask for help? 

5) What do you usually do after a class?  →  Do you shut the book and do something else? Or do you rewrite your notes and try to understand and internalize what was covered in class?  

Asking yourself these questions is an opportunity to reflect on your attitude and search for solutions. It also helps you understand your preferred learning style(s). Take notes of your best (when did you feel more engaged? Which activities did you like the most?) and worst (when did you feel more bored?) moments of the class. Then, think about how you could overcome the “worst moments” and prevent a decrease in motivation.