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Cur chuige STREAM

Given the nature of online instruction, you should be aware that a feeling of loneliness and isolation can creep in and affect both students and teachers.  This can then lead to loss of motivation and engagement, with students more likely to give up on learning or even drop out altogether! Whilst this may depend on the organisational structure of the course, the presentation and delivery of content and the degree of interaction anticipated, there are also other factors that can negatively impact on an otherwise well-designed online course. 

To  avoid or overcome such feelings, we suggest following the STREAM approach, which will help you to avoid or minimise such issues. When teaching online, ensure that your students feel Supported, Tech-savvy, Relaxed, Engaged, Autonomous, Motivated, as shown in the picture below.

Turn the FLASHCARDS to find out more about the STREAM APPROACH and its features.


Now, starting from the 6 keywords outlined by the STREAM approach (SupportedTech-savvyRelaxedEngagedAutonomousMotivated), take 2 or 3 minutes to reflect on what the 6 keywords mean to you. Also, can you think of other must-have qualities that would support your students’ online learning? Feel free to take some notes or even sketch your feelings and ideas.

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