Múinteoirí A3 Ceacht 3

Feabhsú Scileanna Éisteachta ⁊ Urlabhra do Chuid Mac Léinn

This interactive book will show you the importance of developing FL listening and speaking skills and give you some tips to support your students in developing  these skills online. Take your time to delve into the book chapters and complete the activities included. A summary of the completed activities is displayed at the end of the book.

Book chapters:

  1. LISTENING: Why is it important?
  2. LISTENING: Tips to improve your students’ listening skills online.
  3. LISTENING: Strategies.
  4. LISTENING: Resolutions.
  5. SPEAKING: Why is it important?
  6. SPEAKING: Tips to improve your students’ speaking skills online.
  7. SPEAKING: Techniques.
  8. SPEAKING Resolutions.