Your students can improve their writing skills online embracing digital technologies and putting into practice their digital competencies while at the same time boosting their creativity (which is essential in writing!). The use of digital technologies in writing will also help enhance or achieve other key aspects in online learning, in particular: COLLABORATION, ACTIVE PARTICIPATION and SELF LEARNING.

Activities based on discussion forums (link) and group projects (link) which rely on the use of technology and can be carried out asynchronously could significantly help improve students’ writing skills.

Discussion forums

Discussion forums are a great and “natural” way to link technology with writing skills. They are natural in the sense that students, especially millennials, are used to read discussion forums, give their opinion or comment posts on social media every day. What’s better than using forums to promote writing skills in the target language then? 😉 Moreover, being forums a source of informal writing, students are more likely to give it a try and using even more difficult linguistic structures, overcoming their fear of making mistakes in the target language.


Group projects

To foster writing skills but give a boost to your students’ creativity as well, you can device group projects asking your students to create and curate online blogs, wikis and/ or visual presentations, posters and infographics, storytelling (of course, also individually!). In this way, students will enhance their writing skills while at the same time working collaboratively and training transversal skills like team-working, leadership, problem-solving.

Check out our Ed Tools KIT to learn more about ed tools which could help you device both online discussion forums and group projects. Most of these tools enable you to share your creation directly with your students via email, social media or direct link.